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Celebrating Us

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This is African Harvest Festival Time Immemorial. We as the first homo sapiens, of whom all others mutated from, know our history. Because of this true history we remember and have consistently written down for all to read and be aware of that we have not lost our culture or history.
White supremacy has lost, you cannot rewrite our story to fit your alternative facts. "We The People" have held resolute to the existence of racism as acts of violence since 1863-1865 and beyond. Everything that this racist, white supremacist society has reacted to, including the, finally, election of an African American President, for two terms, has further demonstrated that White Supremacist fascist societies are not willing to accept the fact that people of color and particularly African Americans have and continue to greatly contribute toward the development of this country we call America.  
America and other Nations were built upon the violent enslavement and oppression of African peoples. We have never stopped resisting. The Mission of Juneteeth began in 1865 with facilitation of the National Government, 2 and 1/2 years later, to place all of Texas under Marshall Law in order to free the remaining enslaved people there and to inform Texans that the North had won the Civil War. There will be no slavery in the United States or any of it's Territories.

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