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Spring Has Sprung

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I invite you to be a partner in NAJLCA, Inc's vision, mission and actions and historical celebrations. I would like you to be aware of the new focus NAJLCA will be taking this 2017 calendar year.
In this aura of overt racism, I will act as my father and I did during the Nixon and Eisenhower eras/proactively towards full inclusion and peace. I suggest you do the same if you want to understand my position and overcome this horrific time in American history. Black History and Black Life Matters and until it does the possibilities of human violations and degradation will continue. Read "The Betrayal of the Negro" by Dr. Rayford W. Logan, Howard University Historical Division Emeritus. Also read "The Dreams of My Father" by President Barack OBama. Comprehend and dialogue with others these positions. Watch the entire video of Dr. Angela Davis with Professor Kenyata in Chicago December 2016 a few days past the media confirming of this administrations election win, prior to the official full count of the electoral votes. These are the conversations and the way I will take NAJLCA, Inc. toward a more perfect union. Resistance always of terrorism- until Black Life Matters.

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